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Why Everybody is in Love With Scandinavian Style Furniture!

Swedish design has always been popular, but for the past few years (and certainly right now) it seems as though the world can’t get enough of this simple, sleek yet striking design that originates from Nordic countries. So, what is it that makes the Nordic trend globally recognisable and so sought after? Simple. The basic principle of Nordic design is a focus on functionality while creating beauty. Together with the advantageous fact that Scandinavian design is often called the democratic design because it is aligned to the masses, with products that are accessible and affordable for many people.

Scandinavian design was heavily influenced and developed by the Nordic region’s cold, dark and short winter days and therefore a desire for interiors to be functional and cosy, yet bright. This was achieved through using cheerful, friendly colours and light wood, such as birch, spruce or pine, to achieve a style that creates a lot of warmth, paired beautifully with usability and simplicity in focus.

As it has evolved over the years, Nordic design remains as much about a look as it is about a lifestyle. Designed to maximize light at every turn, Nordic interiors favour pale-coloured walls, spaces free of clutter, simple forms and open-plan spaces. A perfect balance between furnishings and clean multi-use spaces that are inviting, not stark, and elegant yet accessible.



Perhaps the most appealing quality of Scandinavian furniture is that it works really well if you want a more simple, minimalistic feel for a room or your home, but don’t want to sacrifice on quality or feel that might lead to you having to redesign a whole new room just for one piece to fit in. This style also lends itself well to more utilitarian rooms, for example, your home office, as most pieces are designed with improving your day-to-day life in mind. For those that love a bit of distinguished colour in their design, the Nordic look can satisfy there too, in that it’s design principles are often based on contrast, meaning dark or light woods are often contrasted with more natural material colour. This means it can add a zest of life to rooms that are normally decorated to be entirely functional.

As people turn their homes into retreats from the stress of everyday life, it’s no surprise that Scandinavian modern style is universally adorned. The philosophy behind this look helps create calm, focused spaces that provide relief through clean, clutter-free spaces, quality over quantity, preferring craftsmanship over bravado, and using light to create further balance.


Here at Furnished With Style we love the Nordic design and we are delighted to introduce our new, stunning Oslo Collection furniture that simply oozes style and sophistication!



Clean lines are paired with cut-out handles, offset for added style and a fresh interpretation of mid-century design.

The white and oak finish is wonderfully light and airy, while the black and white furniture in the range offers a contemporary touch and styling that fits perfectly for those wanting to achieve a monochrome look.

Both colourways feature rounded tapered solid oak legs for stability and designer flair. The white and oak keeps to the natural wood palette, while the legs are painted to match for the black options.



As well as looking amazing, the Nordic-inspired Oslo Collection is entirely practical, with clever storage, space saving designs and room to display your keepsakes.


Every piece in Our Oslo Collection has been hand-picked for its effortlessly chic look whilst offering super storage using minimal floor space. Proudly made in Europe, we have sideboards, desks, tv cabinets, shoe storage and more to choose from for you to easily introduce a Scandinavian minimalist modern design throughout your home.

Shop the stunning Oslo collection now with pieces from as little as £59.95 and fast, free delivery throughout most of the UK!

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In The Spotlight: It’s Got to be May!

May Collection ~ Contemporary bedroom furniture



With simple clean lines, the May Collection pairs classic looks with superb practicality. Deep high-sided drawers allow plenty of room for you to organise your things, while a sleek profile ensure you maximise storage for even the smallest of spaces.

Ideal for your bedroom, teen’s room or student digs, our timeless pieces have been specially picked to offer classic appeal to work with both modern and more traditional settings.

There are 3 fantastic looks to choose from: matt white, matt charcoal grey or dark walnut.

Smooth and sleek, the matt white introduces a bright addition to your room, while the on-trend dark charcoal grey is perfect if you’re looking for a little more drama for your boudoir.

Talking of great looks, don’t limit these chest of drawers to the bedroom either. They would make a fantastic sideboard for your living space or even as a console against the wall in your hallway.

So whether you’re buying for your main bedroom, guest room, children or teen’s room or even student pad, the May Collection offers excellent value for money storage in an attractive package.


Quality Features

  • All colours are finished with a scratch and fade-resistant melamine coating to ensure your furniture will keep its great looks for years to come
  • The knob handles give an added design element to give your furniture a stylish look
  • All drawers have easy-glide metal runners
  • Anti- tip safety wall fitting
  • Flat pack for easy home assembly
  • Made in Europe – Danish design
  • Eco-friendly – made from PEFC certified sustainably managed forests


Our Top Picks

May 5 Drawer Tall Chest in Charcoal Grey

If you’re on a budget but still want a classic piece that’s as attractive as it is practical, this tall grey 5 Drawer Chest is sure to tick all the boxes. With simple clean lines, a sleek profile and finished with an easy-wipe, scratch and fade-resistant charcoal coloured matt foil, our May chest of drawers has 5 large easy-glide drawers to help you organise your things.

Whether your setting is modern and more traditional, our May Collection prides itself of its versatility! It’s ideal for your bedroom, teen’s room or student digs – a truly timeless piece that perfectly combines style and practicality to help you maximise your space.  Also available in matt white and dark walnut wood effect.


May 1 Drawer Bedside Cabinet in White Matt

We couldn’t do this feature without including the May Bedside Cabinet in White Matt. Not only because of its aesthetically pleasing simple clean lines and a sleek profile, but because its an absolute steal at only £39.95!

This classic bedside table has plenty of space on top for a lamp and alarm clock, while the drawer and open shelf provide ample room to organise your favourite reads, jewellery or knick knacks. Also available in charcoal grey and dark walnut wood effect.


May 3 Drawer Chest in Dark Walnut

Last but certainty not least is our striking 3 Drawer Chest in high quality, Dark Walnut wood grain effect. The deep colour is wonderfully rich, and the textured wood grain effect gives it an authentic real wood look.

Super stylish and with plenty of drawer space, this piece offers fantastic value for money for those looking to maximise their storage space without breaking the bank. Easy-glide plastic runners, Anti- tip safety and safety wall fittings and lovingly designed and made in Europe, are all features adding to the classy package you get with the May Collection.

At Furnished with Style we want to help you to get the best storage solution for your space, at a price you’ll love. Our May Collection is exceptionally good value for the quality, as you will find with all our furniture collections!


For even more inspiration, you can of course browse through our gorgeous new furniture available now – Click here to shop our collections! Whether you’re nuts about Nordic or a Master of Modern, we have something for just about everyone for purse pleasing prices! 

Join us on social media, for more style tips, home inspiration and special offers! Find us on Facebook and Instagram.





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Working from Home? Win a Desk of Your Choice from one of our Stylish Collections in our Latest Giveaway!

Many of you will be forced to work from home for the first time at the moment, and if your home office setup is bland and uninspiring and you are in desperate need of a more comfortable and productive space, then you need to enter our giveaway!
We are giving one lucky fan the chance to win your choice of a FREE desk from one of our stylish collections, to make your home office more focused and fabulous!
Perhaps you’ve got your eye on our very popular Scandinavian Style Oslo Ladder Desk, or our versatile Sonoma Desk is just what you’re looking for, whatever your design, you could soon be tackling your work to-do list in style!
TV Function Desk Walnut    
If you’re entering the giveaway via Facebook, all you have to do is simply;
If you’re entering the giveaway via Instagram, all you have to do is simply;


That’s it! So get entered now to be in with the chance to win! This giveaway is open until the end of May, with the winner drawn shortly after. In the meantime, you can browse our modern range of work from home stations here on our website! Good Luck!
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6 Steps to Give Your Living Room a Budget Friendly Makeover

As we have all heard by now, the Coronavirus has led to the government urging people to stay at home. With many people now homebound, taking on a home improvement project is the perfect opportunity for you to keep yourself busy.

Self-isolating isn’t going to be an easy or pleasant experience, but opting to renovate your home during the coronavirus crisis could be more beneficial than you think. Not only will it help you mentally and physically, but it could also have the benefit of adding value to your home if you want to look at selling it in the future.

The living room is many people’s happy place. Somewhere to chill out, snuggle on the sofa and spend time with family and friends. So where better to start than this room!

Check out these simple home makeover and design tips that can transform your living room in just 6 steps.




The first step is to take inventory of your furniture and décor to determine what to keep, what to donate or sell, and what to throw away. Use this time to let go of worn-out items, items that are too big for the room and items that you simply do not like anymore. By doing that, and with only the essential pieces left, you’ll get a better overview of what you can do with your space and can start fresh and build on your design from the ground up.



Even a simple reconfiguring of your living room layout can make it look and feel completely different. When you are looking at how to do this, just think how/why the new layout will suit you best and if it makes sense to how you use your living room. For example, if you use it mainly for watching tv or spending time with your family then look for opportunities to create seating areas that encourage conversation or situate your furniture around a focal point like your TV. Alternatively, if your living room is a mixture of where you work and where you like to relax, then try arranging your armchairs to create a reading corner or create a small home office that’s a designated space whilst feeling part of the room.

Your living room is one of the most-used rooms in your home so don’t forget to think about traffic flow. Make sure furniture is situated in such a way that it’s not difficult to manoeuvre around everything. If your furniture is just too big for the room, consider investing in furniture that’s designed with clever, space-saving features in mind. All our living room furniture and storage is exactly that, and comes in a range of styles to complement your space perfectly!


TOP TIP: Sometimes you’ll not get the arrangement right on the first go and you’ll need to move things around a few times. But when you get it done and feel good about the layout, make sure you sit and enjoy it for a little while to ensure it’s just right before you carry on renovating.


TV Function Desk Walnut



Painting is an obvious one, but you should never under-estimate the transformative powers of paint! Whether it’s the whole room or just a feature wall you’re looking at, there is a reason why painting is a popular choice – it’s cheap, quick and easy and you can’t really go wrong!

The hardest part is choosing what colour to go with as this will ultimately determine the mood and energy of your space. If you want to create a calming, soothing room, consider shades of light blue or green. For a livelier space, think about warm tones like reds and oranges. Fail-safe neutral shades like beige, grey or white will always give you more versatility when deciding what secondary colours to bring in.

Painting doesn’t just apply to the walls! For a quick living room update you can always be brave and paint your furniture or floor!  If you have pieces that are looking a bit neglected then bring them back to life by giving them a lick of paint – if you are unsure where to start, go online for handy guides on painting furniture and the picks of the best furniture paint too. When it comes to the floorboards, painting them is an easy weekend project that won’t cost you too much and can completely change the look of your space.



It’s those soft furnishings which really make a home cosy, add texture and are the ultimate finishing touches in your space. From curtains, to lights, throws and fittings, there are endless accessories you can incorporate into your space to give it an instant refresh.

  • Add Greenery with House Plants

House plants are a great way to quickly add colour and shape to a living room. Place a couple of larger plants around the edges of your room and add smaller plants like cacti to shelves and mantelpieces. They’ll also have added health benefits too by increasing the air quality in your room.

  • Switch up the Cushions

Cushions are the most versatile of soft furnishings, and perfect as quick and cheap living room decor ideas. Available in so many different sizes, shapes, colours and textures, they could be all your living room needs to feel refreshed.

  • Invest in a New Rug

At a fraction of the price of a new sofa, a new living room rug can have just as much of a bold impact. For a very on trend look, layer up a couple of rugs. Layering rugs, whether on carpet or hardwood floors, is a clever and simple way to give a room texture whilst utilizing another trend: pattern-mixing. The key is to pick patterns and colours that are complementary but still different enough. If you really are on a budget, instead of buying new, shop the other rooms in your house. Perhaps you could swap your bedroom rug with your current living room one to give both rooms a bit of a revamp?

  • Efficient Lighting

Lighting is an often-overlooked part of redecorating a space, but it’s essential when setting the mood of your living room. Table and floor lamps are a great way to show off your design style while illuminating your décor and adding functional light to your room, so don’t be afraid to go bold with your lamp choices. Lamps are also a great way of introducing pops of colour into your living room design.

  • Change the Fittings

People tend to see the fixtures of a room as a permanent feature, but it is really easy to change the fireplace or the radiators and they can completely change the feel of the room. Consider a trendy modern radiator or changing your light switches from bland white to smart grey or black ones.

  • Create a Gallery Wall

You can easily update your living room with a gallery wall. This is a great way to quickly and cheaply refresh a living room, fill a blank space and inject the room with a bit of personality. Collect your favourite pictures and items such as record covers and prints and arrange them aesthetically on your wall. Also, wall murals are great if you are decorating a rented home since they aren’t as permanent as wallpaper or paint.





Half the reason people fall out of love with their rooms is due to clutter and whilst you may not have considered practical storage as the most exciting part of your renovation, it certainly is a key aspect of your room and by picking beautiful (and useful!) pieces, you can use your storage to add personality and really transform your space. Whether it’s a TV & media unit, a stylish coffee table or a modern sideboard and shelving to display your ornaments neatly, we have something to suit all tastes and budgets. From a traditional look or modern designer high gloss furniture with lighting to illuminate your room perfectly, we really do cater for everyone!




Statement pieces are ones that can fill an entire room with life. These pieces will steal the show from all other things in your room. This could be bold rugs, a chandelier, feature wall or striking artwork. Whatever you choose, a key statement piece will command attention and become the focal point within your new room. One eye-catching item per room is all you need to take your room from drab to fab.

Furniture needs to be practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be exciting! A piece with an interesting shape or unique feature can steal the spotlight in any room. Our new Oslo collection fits this brief perfectly. You never have to trade in practicality for wow factor with this range, as a good piece can achieve both!




TOP TIP – Pin Down Your Style for a Cohesive Home Design

Your living room style will often set expectations for the rest of your home. It should complement and flow with the rest of your home so it is vital that you pin down the design style you want to achieve. If you love the look of simplicity, modern fresh and functional design with the added bonus of affordability then you’ll love Nordic style. Or if you prefer distressed furniture, vintage decor, and floral patterns, shabby chic style is your cup of tea. For the modern minimalist who loves clean lines, practical solutions, and streamlined design, you’ll revel in the simplicity of modern style. For inspiration head to Pinterest, Instagram, home decor blogs, and magazines to find a style that inspires you!


For even more inspiration, you can of course browse through our gorgeous new living room collections available now on our website! Whether you’re nuts about Nordic or a Master of Modern, we have something for just about everyone for purse pleasing prices!


Join us on social media, for more style tips, home inspiration and special offers! Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Top Tips To Organize & Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

The recent glimpse of sunny weather means spring is here! With it comes an urge to organize and spring clean, especially when it comes to your wardrobe!  Now is the time to do your seasonal closet swap. This means beginning to put your cold weather clothes and shoes in storage, and maybe even heading to the shops to treat yourself to some of the latest spring fashions.

When a wardrobe is coordinated, you’ll be amazed at how much time you save simply by knowing where everything is and how much more manageable it is to have a well-organized space! Each bedroom is unique and how you come to organise your wardrobe will differ based on the space you have, the size of your wardrobe and other factors. However, there are many useful universal tips that you can follow for any wardrobe to help you feel the joy of accomplishment that an organised wardrobe can bring!



This is perhaps the most-dreaded task, yet one of the most important steps in the organising process. Remove everything from your wardrobe, including hangers, baskets, bins, and anything else, and get in the mindset of focusing on what to keep rather than what you’re getting rid of. To make it manageable, separate everything into these four piles:

  • Keep: Anything you love and wear often.
  • Sell: For clothing, shoes and accessories that are in good condition but you know you’re not going to wear again. (With this extra bit of money you make, you could always treat yourself to an actual brand new wardrobe from our collection!)
  • Donate: Consider donating items that are in a “gently used” This will give you a sense of satisfaction knowing someone else will enjoy them as much as you have!
  • Bin: For anything that is beyond repair, out of style, or that you would be embarrassed to donate.

Don’t forget the one-year rule. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s probably time to remove it from your wardrobe!

TOP TIP – If you’re really having a hard time deciding whether to keep an item, create a “maybe” pile. Put your maybe pile into a box and revisit it 6 months later. If you forgot about these items or never thought about wearing them, you can confidently donate or sell them!




After you have purged your wardrobe, now is the perfect time to give it a proper clean. You need a clear, neat space to plan and visualize how you’re going to re-organise your wardrobe.

It can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming to pull everything out of your wardrobe, dust the shelves, rods, boxes and bins and vacuum the floor, but a good purging and cleaning of the space should take place at least once a year. Otherwise, it will take more time and cause unnecessary stress trying to navigate through a messy closet that is full of unused things!


Westbury 2 Door Combi Grey



Don’t get too excited, this is not the time to go out and start filling up your closet again! The shopping we mean is for the things that will help you create and maintain a more organised wardrobe. Working out the right storage solutions for your particular space can be challenging. Luckily though, there are lots of great options available that are easy to install and budget-friendly.

Hangers: Hanging not only avoids wrinkles, but creates a cleaner, less cluttered appearance. You can use a variety of hangers depending on what you are organising. A sturdy, wooden hanger is good for heavy coats and suits. Hangers with multiple metal hooks will hold belts, ties and scarves. Thin, wooden hangers with clips are good for skirts, and thin felt hangers will suit practically everything else and by using thin hangers, you end up with more space too!

Boxes and Baskets: Boxes are perfect for stacking on shelves and can be clear or labelled so you know what’s inside. Bins and baskets can also be used for belts, scarves, hats, gloves and purses. This not only looks more aesthetically pleasing (as you are neatly hiding away all the odds and ends!), but it’s a great option for storing those essential accessories if you have limited hanging space.

Hooks: Hooks are great for belts, robes, necklaces, hats, scarves and purses (and helps keep their shape). You can hang hooks on the inside of your wardrobe door. Consider an over-the-door shoe rack if you have the space as this can turn your door (a previously unused space) into the perfect area to store either shoes, accessories, or both.




This is where you put everything back together in a way that makes sense to you, cleverly utilising all of your available space, and attractive enough to motivate you into keeping it organised. The easiest place to start is to think about where it makes sense to store each category of clothing and then think about the easiest spots to reach in your closet.

Reserve the front and middle of your closet for clothes you wear most often. If you spend most of your time in your work clothes, then make sure these clothes are at the front of your wardrobe. Lesser-worn items like occasion wear and out-of-season should be stored toward the back, high up or out of sight (under a bed or in another room). If your wardrobe has handy shelving built in like they do in our Westbury Range, then the top shelves are the perfect place to store out-of-season items in labelled boxes or clear bins.

It’s a great idea to organise all your clothing by category, grouping similar items together and deciding the best place to store each item as a group (i.e. hang pants in wardrobe, fold and stack jumpers on shelves etc). Working in groups of items will help you figure out how much space you need and the best way to store each type of item.

And don’t forget that a spacious chest of drawers could also help your organisation efforts for folded items or smaller garments like underwear.



BONUS: Maintaining Your Newly Organised Wardrobe

The more often you work on wardrobe maintenance, the less time it will take. Ideally, you should sort through your wardrobe and complete a quick makeover once a month and tackle the full re-organisation process once or twice a year. Make it easier on yourself by creating and following a cleaning schedule, either by season, or on a motivational date (such as New Year’s). You can always tell it’s time to reorganise again the next time you can’t find an important piece of clothing, that’s the sign you need to get motivated and get it organised!


DG Carlton 3 Door Robe Sonoma Oak


At Furnished with Style we want to help you to get the best storage solution for your clothes and bedroom space. Our Selection of wardrobes have a variety of styles and sizes.

Made with ever changing decor in mind, the wardrobes have been designed using neutral colourways, therefore complementing your room perfectly.

All pieces come with interior fittings included, such as clothes rails or shelves – not only helping you find that outfit quickly when you’re in a hurry,  but keeping your space looking clean, clutter-free, and making your personal space feel calm and tranquil! Shop our wardrobe ranges here


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Get the Look: Grey Bedroom

Halfway between black and white, grey is considered a neutral colour. And as such, grey offers the best of both worlds giving plenty of decorating possibilities. Wonderfully versatile, it can feel both calming and fresh at the same time.

Using grey in your bedroom design can help create a space that’s both modern and cosy. From grey painted furniture, to trendy grey accessories and textiles such as lamps and throws, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this look into your bedroom!

Read on for our gorgeous grey bedroom ideas that prove this neutral shade is anything but dull!


Embrace the Trend with Painted Grey Bedroom Furniture

Bang on-trend and the perfect accompaniment to a wealth of home interior styles, grey furniture is set to remain popular for the foreseeable future. Painted grey furniture is an ideal way to bring a contemporary touch to your bedroom. Look for pieces that have soft, stylish touches, to ensure your space remains welcoming and cosy.

Our Popular Westbury Range covers all the essential pieces for your bedroom, including wardrobes, chests and drawers in various sizes. Complete with brushed steel bar handles on the wardrobe doors, cup handles to the drawer fronts and finished in an attractive soft grey foil with a contrasting light oak top, this collection is a beautiful way of introducing grey into your bedroom while still maintaining a sense of warmth.

DG Westbury 2 Door Combi Grey

To embrace the bang-on-trend grey look, our best-selling ultra- modern ‘no handle’ design Carlton range is perfect too. Now available in a high-quality scratch-resistant matt grey finish,  quality extras such as durable metal runners, soft close hinges and metal rails all point to the extra value for money that you get with this gorgeous bedroom furniture.

Both our ranges of matt grey bedroom furniture combine this popular colour choice in either a traditional style with modern practicality, or a totally contemporary sleek design – bringing a stunning selection to help organise your home whatever your interior style. You can even match with more matt grey bedroom furniture in our range, mix with gloss, or contrast with different colours. The choice is yours! And don’t forget, there’s free delivery too.*




Make a Statement with Grey Walls

Painting your walls grey will instantly give your bedroom a sophisticated fresh feel and can be the perfect way to tie your grey design theme together. The versatility of this shade means you can create a different style depending on which shade you choose, whilst keeping the room looking fresh and airy.

For a bold, elegant look, use dark grey paint that will instantly give your bedroom a glamorous edge. As it’s such a striking bold tone, consider painting a single feature wall and leave the others painted in light and airy tones. This will allow you to get the look you want whilst keeping your space still feeling open.

If you’re not brave enough for a feature wall, you can still incorporate the grey theme in a soft and subtle way on your walls. Use pale, creamy shades such as ash and chalk grey that are great for modern design schemes.


Create a Soft Look with Grey Accessories and Textiles

Incorporating grey accessories such as cushions, throws, and rugs into your bedroom is an easy way to create a cosy feel and introduce the shade to your room. Ideal if you want to test the grey shade in your space before committing to a larger statement.

Consider adding a piece such as a feature grey clock to create a focal point. For a modern artsy look, style it on a gallery wall contrasting it with prints and photos in black and white frames.

Mirrors are a must-have in any bedroom, and a grey mirror will instantly give your scheme a hit of modern style. Look to place one against a light-coloured wall for an eye-catching pop of contrast.

When it comes to choosing grey textiles, opt for different shades to create a tonal look. Think mixing light grey cushions and blankets with bright or pastel toned ones to bring a pop of colour to your space, whilst introducing a dark grey rug will add depth to your room.


By choosing key furniture pieces and mixing different tones, you can easily embrace the grey theme and create a space that’s as sleek as it is welcoming. Grey painted furniture is the perfect place to start and with our stylish grey pieces at such low prices starting from ONLY £35, you’ll have plenty of money left over to buy even more clothes and accessories to fill them!

> Shop Now


* Excludes ‘local collection only items’. Delivery restrictions apply.


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8 Ways to Make your House a Home

Whether you’re in a rented property, a flat or still settling into a newly purchased house, when you walk through the front door, you want to be surrounded with the things that, above all else, make you feel good. The more things you have around you that make you feel happy, the more likely you are to appreciate your space and have a house that feels like a home. Here are a few of our favourite things that transform a mere roof and four walls into your very own haven!


Dig out your old photos!

Photographs are a perfect way to personalize your space. So, head into the attic, dust off those old photographs and display them proudly. Hang them on your prominent walls such as your hallway or bedroom or create a gallery in the living room. Invest in some quality frames and proudly display them on bookshelves, bookcases and place them on tables, dressers and desks.


Surround Yourself in Softness

Cosy soft, sumptuous furnishings can go a long way toward making any space more peaceful and inviting. Not only do cushions, runners and curtains add an element of comfort, cosiness and a personal sense of style to a room but they also come with a low-price tag considering how much they can transform a room.


Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Mirrors open up your space and enhance a rooms natural lighting, that’s why interior designers love to add oversized mirrors to a space. Whether you add one or several, large mirrors can simply lean against a wall or rest on a mantel for a simple and perfect touch.


Display your Wares

If you’re an avid collector or simply have a lot of unique items that you love, it makes no sense to keep them hidden away in drawers or behind cabinet doors. Whether it’s a beloved bowl or pitcher or a selection of antique candle holders, bring out whatever it is that you collect and display them proudly. If it’s artwork, then hang them together as a talking point for visitors or if it’s perfume bottles then group them together on console tables or on counters and in bookcases.


Hang Art

It’s a scientific fact that we get a big boost of stress-reducing pleasure from looking at things that we consider to be beautiful, so make it a priority to invest in some lovely artwork (or photos) to adorn your walls. Hanging art in your house also helps instil your individual personality and interests into the space. The more you surround yourself with things that make you feel good, the more you’ll capture that feeling of home.


Go Green

Just like art; plants and flowers are well-recognized for their ability to positively impact our mood and reduce stress. There is a sense of calm in nature, and you can replicate that in your own home by introducing greenery and fresh blooms into your space. If you don’t have green fingers to take on something like a large potted plant or an orchid, don’t worry – there are plenty of less fussy houseplants more suitable. You can place pot herbs in mason jars in front of your kitchen window, buy fresh flowers for yourself every week and display them on your dining room table, or pick out one of the many low-maintenance hearty houseplants such as cacti.


Bring the Spa Home

If you want your home to feel cosy and comfortable, take some inspiration from a place that’s specially designed to make you feel as relaxed as possible: the spa. Think gentle lighting, diffusers, candles and other spa-specific details that when incorporated into your own home will give an instant homely feel. Do it right and you may never even want to leave!



The secret to making a house feel like a home has a lot to do with functionality. Many design decisions are based on aesthetics, but it’s not easy to get around to style decisions without dealing with the necessities of basic storage first. Your storage solutions don’t have to be boring, they can easily have an aesthetic and meaningful side, too! For some, storage that’s pleasing on the eye can be simple and straight forward such as neatly lined shelves, but for others’ it’s an opportunity to showcase handmade storage such as woven baskets, containers and units. Giving everything a place of its own goes a long way in creating a room that feels beautiful.

In particular, when it comes to the bedroom, banishing the clutter is absolutely essential for a peaceful space and good night’s sleep. Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary – a place to get away from the world, clear your mind of stress and promote healthy sleep. An ideal bedroom storage idea is an ottoman bed – a stylish, multi-functional piece of bedroom furniture. An upholstered choice like our Eleanor Grey 5ft Bed or our Roma soft faux leather with a matt finish are both stylish options for a wonderful night’s sleep as well as storing essentials like bed linen or clothes.

We also offer an incredible range of wardrobes and chest of drawers so you can pick clever storage to match your décor. Choosing the right furniture will not only ensure you have plenty of storage for your clothes, it can also enhance the look of your room. You can achieve contemporary styling with pieces from our beautiful Westbury Collection , or choose from High Gloss Black or White from our ultra modern Chilton range. Storage options like our brand new matt grey 8 drawer chest from the Carlton Collection will also neatly fit with a contemporary room too.


Furnished with Style understand that every interior has its own unique character, shape and size. Our ranges are packed full of fabulous and affordable pieces and come in a variety of styles to complement your space perfectly. If you’re looking to update on a budget this season to make your house feel more like a home, you can’t miss the homeware collections available now in our Super Sale! Shop Now

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In The Spotlight: Westbury Bedroom Furniture Collection

Westbury Traditional Style Bedroom Furniture

Inspired by Shaker-style furniture, our Westbury Collection offers modern practicality while oozing traditional charm! Available in either cream or soft grey, this beautifully finished range includes quality bedside tables, a variety of chest of drawers – including the impressive 7 drawer merchant chest – and a selection of wardrobes – from two door double wardrobes to the incredibly versatile 3 door triple wardrobe with drawers.

With quality extras such as brushed steel cup handles, durable metal runners, soft close hinges and metal rails, these stunning pieces offer incredible style and value for money!


Quality Features

  • Choice of trendy soft grey matt finish or country charm cream
  • Versatile storage collections
  • Traditional Shaker-inspired style with modern practicality
  • Brushed steel cup handles & durable metal rails
  • All items are delivered flat-packed for home assembly
  • Order online today for super-fast FREE delivery!


Our Top Picks


Westbury 7 Drawer Merchant’s Chest – Cream & Oak

Offering country charm and contemporary style, our Westbury Merchant’s Chest is a fantastic choice for your home. Versatile and oozing traditional charm, there are 4 large drawers to store bulkier items, while the 3 smaller drawers are ideal for jewellery, paperwork or other niknaks. Finished in an attractive soft cream foil with a contrasting light oak top, this 7 drawer chest makes an elegant storage addition to any room. Coordinate with more cream country style furniture from the Westbury collection. Also available in soft grey.

Westbury Merchant Chest Cream


Westbury 3 Door Combination Wardrobe with Drawers – Cream & Oak

For versatile bedroom storage that looks great, look no further than the Westbury 3 Door combination wardrobe. Open the single width door and you’ll find four spacious fixed shelves, perfect for folded clothing or bulky items. Behind the double ¾ length doors, you’ll find a strong metal hanging rail and bottom shelf to store away even more, plus two drawers below give you all the storage you need to keep your bedroom neat and tidy. Finished in a gorgeous soft cream with a light oak top, this piece captures a perfect combination of traditional charm with contemporary style. Brushed steel bar handles on the doors and cup handles on the drawers complete the look. The perfect addition to any home decor, this piece makes a fantastic choice for a children’s room or nursery too.

DG Westbury 3 Door Robe Cream


Westbury Grey 3 Piece Bedroom Set

This 3-piece set offers the best of our beautifully finished collection, at an incredibly affordable price! Finished in a soft grey with a light oak top across the range, the set consists of a 2 Door Wardrobe, 4 Drawer Chest and 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet. The Westbury Bedroom Furniture Collection is also available in a country cream. We also have a wider range of wardrobes and chests of drawers in both colours.

Westbury Bedside Grey


Why not treat yourself to some stunning traditional style furniture the Westbury bedroom furniture range? Now you can furnish your home for even less in our Super Sale! Shop the Collection from as little as £39.20!


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10 Home Decor Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2020!

If there’s a perfect time to update your home, it’s at the start of a new decade. After 10 years of the same old, now is the time for a refresh and to make a serious statement this year by incorporating one of the hottest home decor trends of 2020.

As we prepare to enter a fresh decade, you may be wondering what design trends lie on the horizon and the home ideas that are about to be everywhere! So, we’ve collated all the thoughts from interior design pros, from navy paint to coloured cabinets, these are the home decor trends set to be everywhere in 2020.


Classic Blue

The 2020 Pantone Colour of the Year is Classic Blue, which means you can expect to see a lot of this colour in the new year. This Dark Navy shade is versatile and sophisticated, providing the perfect amount of contrast. From giving your room a dramatic new statement wall to giving your kitchen units a quick upgrade, this shade is a great alternative to black, whilst still providing a stately look.


High-Contrast Decor

If you’ve always wanted to paint your home black and white, now is the time to do it as high-contrast designs are set to be big in 2020! If bold wall colour is too adventurous for you, you can easily incorporate this design into your home with the furniture. Consider a chair with black fabric and a white frame, or mix and match grey and white furniture from our Chilton Collection for that instant on-trend sleek look. Or for a really bold modern statement, coordinate black and white pieces from the sleek and sexy ‘no-handle’ Carlton Collection.


Kitchen Art

Whilst you’re investing in pieces of art or wall décor for your home, be sure to invest in some for the kitchen. There will be a real focus throughout this year on making the kitchen a room in the house and not just a place for cooking. A homely kitchen can be accomplished by hanging art on the walls and displaying well- chosen furnishings to show off your personality.


Grey Will Stay

A steadfast trend, the colour grey remains a strong choice for decorating everything from the living room, to the front door and windows and stylish grey furniture. Customers love our popular Westbury range for its grey heavenly hue! Finished in a soft grey with a light oak top, you’ll appreciate this beautiful piece with its extra quality touches such as soft-close hinges.

Inspired by Shaker-style furniture, the Westbury Collection has both traditional charm with modern practicality and with prices starting from just £49 you can afford to furnish your bedroom with a beautiful bang on-trend style!


Honest Comforts & Cozy Fabrics

For everyone who loves to cosy up in a warm and inviting retreat from the world, comfy furniture and charming layered fabrics will be everywhere in the new year. Warming textures, soft colours and decorative details are key for this trend. Think layering up comforting cushions, throws, knits and faux furs to make any space feel instantly inviting. With this trend, furniture needs to feel comfortable and inviting with sink-into sofas and hearty tables to gather around.


The Return of the Formal Dining Room

Your formal dining room can offer so much more than mere storage space for your finest dinner sets! This season, homeowners will be encouraged to treat their dining rooms as the wow spaces they have the potential to be, with bold colours, patterns, eye-catching light fixtures and artwork, to make it a room that stands out within the home.


Natural Vibes

Sustainability and eco-friendly products are particularly popular with this home decor trend for 2020. Look for handcrafted designs and home décor materials of choice should be traditional and organic materials like wood, stone, rattan and wicker, all of which offer durability and natural aesthetic. Key to this trend is making natural materials look effortlessly stylish.

Our real wood furniture collection lends itself perfectly to this trend! Hand crafted by skilled artisans, the real wood collection brings you stunning solid oak and pine living room and bedroom furniture, all at incredible prices!



Minimal Design

Smaller spaces mean we need to be smarter with our interior choices and placement. Together with the increased popularity in decluttering experts, you’ll not be surprised to learn that minimalist interiors are here to stay in 2020.

When creating this look, think less is more – with simple neutral wall colours, a select number of furnishings and removing excess clutter to make the space clean, fuss free and inspiring a sense of calm. You can still let your personality shine through, with colourful art or a thoughtfully curated shelf and some statement ornaments.


Dramatic Ceilings

We all see a room as having four walls, but the trend for 2020 is to include your fifth wall to decorate – yes your ceiling! Particularly for your dining room, the ceiling is your blank canvas and is an important part of your decorating plan for 2020. You can take advantage of that extra wall by adding an accent colour, reclaimed wood or even wallpaper.


The Rise of The Office

Remote working is increasing in popularity and reshaping how we work. For 2020 the home office will develop into a more valued room in the home, with a focus on clever and practical design to allow for maximum productivity. Comfortable furniture, good lighting and creativity inducing space will be the key themes.

Our desk range is designed to help you easily create a beautiful workspace for your home. Ideal for those who work from home, love to spend time on their computer or for that all important school work, these desks combine style with practicality!


Looking to revamp your interior style with some new furniture? Check out our range to suit every style and budget. Choose from modern or traditional, chests, wardrobes, TV units, storage beds and more.

> View the range


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Win a 7 Drawer Merchant Chest!

Win 7 Drawer Merchant Chest

New Year’s Giveaway: Enter to Win a 7 Drawer Merchant Chest, from Furnished With Style!


There’s something about January that inspires us to declutter and overhaul our spaces. If getting organized is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, Furnished with Style are here to help you start the organized new year off in style! We’re giving one lucky winner a chance to WIN one of our 7 Drawer Merchant Chests!

The winner can choose from a traditional or modern look: Traditional Westbury comes in 2 colours – Grey & Oak / Cream & Oak. The modern Carlton  chest comes in a choice of 6 finishes – Rustic Grey Oak / White High Gloss / Black High Gloss / Sonoma Oak / White Matt / Black Matt.

To enter and be in with a chance to win all you have to do is head over to our Facebook page, LIKE the page, COMMENT tagging 3 friends and SHARE the giveaway post.

It’s as easy as that! The WINNER will be announced as soon as we reach 1,000 followers on Facebook!


Terms & Conditions

  • One winner of the giveaway will receive a 7 Drawer Merchant Chest in the Style of their choice.
  • The prize will be delivered within 4 weeks from the date we receive the winners full address and contact number.
  • The winner will need to arrange for someone to be present for the delivery of the prize, on a date to be agreed with Furnished With Style.
  • It’s the winner’s responsibility to ensure the prize will fit in their chosen location, and entryways are suitable to their property.
  • The competition can be entered through Facebook and one entry will be accepted per person.
  • The competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 years or over.
  • There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.
  • No cash alternative will be offered.
  • Closing date for entry will be at whenever we reach 1000 likes on Facebook. After this date, no further entries to the competition will be permitted.
  • Upon entering, you give Furnished With Style the right to use your name and entries for the sole purpose of identifying you as a winner of the competition & using your submissions on blog and other social media sites.
  • The winner will be selected at random.
  • The winner will be notified within 7 working days of the competition closing.
  • Any prize unclaimed after 14 working days after Furnished With Style has attempted to contact the winner, will be allocated to another winner.
  • Delivery exclusions apply to Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Island.